Chris Barnett lands “physically impossible” KO for a heavyweight

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Chris Barnett lands “physically impossible” KO for a heavyweight

Whether or not it’s just stereotypical bulls**t, one thing we often don’t think about when we think about heavyweight MMA contests is a bit of finesse. Yeah, nah, it’s the sort of place where we often fall back on clichés and tropes, but one fighter who’s not having it is Chris Barnett. This absolute unit defies that s**t by rocking a bit of a Dad bod but still having some wild athleticism and panache when he steps into the ring…

Of course, if you know your MMA, you know why we’re talking about this. His stellar f**ken roundhouse kick KO at UFC:268 had already sent fans into a mad spiral, when the bloody tank busted out a front-flip as he erupted in celebration.

First, though, let’s talk about that kick. As you’ll see from the video down below, it’s a f**ken belter, and it’s no surprise that his opponent on the day, Gian Villante, didn’t get back up after wearing it right in the chops.

Deadset, one minute the two blokes were sounding each-other out and then the next, Barnett’s just pulled out some proper Jackie Chan s**t. As we mentioned before, though, it was the celebration that really got the crowd going.

If you thought the kick was pretty f**ken epic, the flip would have blown your d*ck off. Yeah, nah, UFC fans loved it, and they took to Twitter to say so.

Still, despite the joyous celebration, Barnett showed his class by sending Villante off with an excellent tribute. “My man right here, two-week-old at home,” Barnett said. “He’s about to retire, excellent football coach, got another son that’s 22 months. This is his town, this is his place, y’all stand up, cheer for my man.”

Yeah, nah, class.

Final thought: We fair dinkum love it when someone breaks the mould, and this is one of those stories. If you know someone else who breaks the mould – especially if they’re a big unit with a bit of grace – give ‘em a shout-out in the comments section.

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