Meet the bloody legend who saved homeless people from the polar vortex

Meet the bloody legend who saved homeless people from the polar vortex

By now, we’ve all heard of the polar vortex that’s been freezing the USA’s collective balls, butts and boobs off, but while we’ve been inundated with humorous videos of blokes burning themselves with hot water and blokettes freezing their hair, we haven’t yet stopped to spare a thought for the homeless. This sort of weather isn’t just a bit nippy. Without proper shelter, it’s gonna send you to Destination F**ked. Thankfully, some absolute legends like Candice Payne went out of their way to ensure the safety of as many homeless people as they could.

Fair dinkum, we all need to raise a f**ken glass and applaud the efforts of Candice, because although we can’t speak for everyone, we reckon that for most people, the first thought you have when you know it’s going to be so bloody cold has something to do with cocoa and slippers.

Without Candice’s help, this was the dangerous reality for 80 homeless people. Credit: CBS

Candice, though, she’s a bloody good Samaritan and when she realised how frozen everyone’s cockles were going to be, she got online and started drumming up funds to put homeless people in hotels. On impulse, she put twenty rooms on her credit card. Soon after, more volunteers got involved and the whole thing snowballed into a huge act of generosity and kindness. These bloody legends got 80-odd homeless people out of the cold and into 60 hotel rooms.

Candice Payne. Credit: CBS

When asked about her motivations, Candice said, “People do want to help…I’m glad to be part of that vehicle and that other people jumped on that vehicle with me.”

Jermaine, one of the blokes who would have been in deep sh*t without Candice coming to his aid, said Candice was an angel. “We hear about it on the news and other places (that kind of help) but I seen it up close and personal today.”

Some of the people taking advantage of their warmer digs. Credit: CBS

Candice and her co-legends also got a bit of a food kitchen going and made sure everyone had something warm to eat too. From here, she’s hoping to take this phenomenal effort even bigger and provide more permanent accommodation for homeless people.

Soup kitchen! Credit: CBS

Final thought: F**ken top notch work, Candice. Saving lives and sacrificing your own time and money to do it. The world needs more like you, it really does. This Top Sheila badge is all yours.

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