Britain’s 410lbs Strongest Man Steps Into The Ring With 140lbs Pro Boxer

Britain’s 410lbs Strongest Man Steps Into The Ring With 140lbs Pro Boxer

It’s always good to see a fight where one fighter has the strength while the other one has the skill and speed.

I remember in Game Of Thrones when The Mountain took on the jabby Viper bastard and ended up getting his f*cken head blown up (literally) by the stronger man. The actor who plays The Mountain, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, also had a spar session with Conor McGregor of UFC fame. In that ‘fight’, you could see that if Hafþór ever caught Conor it would be all over – except Conor was too fast for him.


This time it’s in a boxing ring and the fighters are the deadlifting world record holder Eddie Hall and professional British boxer Scott Lawnton. Without a punch being thrown you can tell that one solid punch by Hall would send the tiny looking bloke into a long, long sleep with a small chance of ever waking up.


Eddie Hall weighs in around 420 pounds, which equals about 190kgs. The man is only 6 foot 3 and I say that because most of the big men in strongman competitions are normally over 2m tall. He weighs the same as The Mountain but is half a foot shorter than him, so the man is jam packed full of muscle!


His opponent Scott, is no slouch though and as you can see from the video. He manages to land several jabs. The jabs happen so quick that Hall doesn’t even have time to react!

The fight happens as you would expect; the quicker man dancing around avoiding knock out blows by the stronger man. Eddie looks like he can take a punch too, so it’s anyone’s guess how this fight would turn out if it was real.

Check out the footage here:

H/T: Mark Hunt TV