Bloke On TV Gets Hit By Shrapnel During An Airstrike

Bloke On TV Gets Hit By Shrapnel During An Airstrike

This video is a little surreal.

Warning… It’s graphic. There’s a decent amount of blood.

I guess I find it surreal because our news reporters down here get attacked by a bird or some shit at most live on air. We don’t see real world conflict almost kill them down the road.

Anyway, I think you get what I mean…

Conflict throughout Iraq and Syria feels normalised because it’s been going on for so long now – which is a sad and aggravating train of thought in itself – but sometimes a simple video turning brutal in the space of one second is a sharp reminder that things are very, very full on over there.

Pro Tip: To see the impact near his eyes…you’ll need to slow this video down to 0.25 speed using the settings cog in the bottom right corner on YouTube. Shit happens FAST. Video is below:

The reporter is a Syrian bloke (Ebrahim al-Khateeb) and he was filming in Handarat (north of Syria’s largest city called Aleppo) when the explosion occurred.

He is said to be in a stable condition.

Good on him for sticking it out and doing his job in chaotic times. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like trying to live day-to-day life in some of these conflict heavy zones at the moment. Crikey.