Bloke Gets Hammered For Spitting Melon Seeds

Bloke Gets Hammered For Spitting Melon Seeds

After I got back into posting under the Vigilante Justice category the other night on my blog here, a few of youse messaged me a strange arse video…

This one takes place on a train in China. I almost decided to put it under Vigilante Justice… I’ve decided WTF is perhaps more fitting overall.

Synopsis: a fella is spitting melon seeds on the floor and folks around him get pretty fired up. The melon spitter doesn’t give two shits and keeps being a bastard. Shit gets real.

Ah look, take a gander for yourself.

We’ll have a cheeky chat and break this down after you’re up to speed.

Scroll on down. Video below:

Now…at first I was shocked but I’m thinkin’ this thing is fake.

Not only does it seem overly absurd that some odd looking superhero bloke comes out of nowhere, but his hammer bends like crazy when he hits the cocky melon-spitter.

It looks like a rubber hammer. A fucken movie prop or something.

Despite that, it is pretty solid acting overall.

You gotta wonder what the hell it’s all for, though.

Dunno if this one will make my monthly WTF Happened commentary series, but the sleeper hold one from the other day should get a little cheeky narration by the end of the month.

Stay classy dickheads.


Ozzy Man