Aussie Version Of Le Tour De France Is F*ckin Hectic

Aussie Version Of Le Tour De France Is F*ckin Hectic

Everyone knows the Tour De France that takes place in… well… France.

It’s the annual bicycle race that is dead sh*t boring to watch.


Bit of history for ya, the race was originally organised in an attempt to increase sales of the French newspaper L’Auto way back in 1903.

If you’ve never kept a close eye on the sport, I won’t bore you with the details but it’s a bunch of dudes in tight clothes riding around some mountains every day for a few weeks.

Here in Australia, we’ve got our own version of the Tour De France. Pretty much identical, we ride bikes from place to place, but it also involves a f*cken ton of alcohol. It’s called ‘Le Tour De Fridge’. Now that is a f*cken tour I can get behind.


It’s also an annual event…

Each year a bunch of loose blokes ride their bikes to several different houses around a town in Western Australia, where yours truly also lives. Hey maybe I should join these fellas next year!


Over the course of one day the group consume over one thousand beers, and as you can guess, they get pretty rowdy.

The man behind the event is Cole Peppiatt, who sounds like an absolute legend. It sounds like it would end like one of those parties where a house burns down, someone gets shot and everyone wakes up and they have no idea where they are.


Hats off the all the crazy f*ckers who attended ‘Le Tour De Fridge’ this year. Make sure you give ol’ Ozzy Man a shout next year and we’ll show you what a real party looks like!

Get a load of this:

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