Aussie legend Sam Kerr flattens pitch invader with shoulder charge

Credit: Optus Sport

Aussie legend Sam Kerr flattens pitch invader with shoulder charge

Pitch invaders have always occupied this kinda weird space between being sort of amusing and being total f**kwits. Yeah, nah, don’t get us wrong, we’d be lying if we said we’d never laughed at one, but we’d also be telling the truth if we said we’d really be happy if we never saw another one. After all, if we’re watching pro sport, we want to see what we paid for, not some attention-seeking douche. Sam Kerr agrees.

Sam bloody Kerr is pretty much a national treasure at this point. Us Aussies have always had one or two pro-soccer (all right, football) players flying the flag in the world’s biggest leagues, but to be fair, no one’s been as good as her.

We stand by that. For all the Harry Kewell and Tim Cahill love, Kerr’s the reigning f**ken boss of top quality Aussie football players. With more honours than you can poke a stick at, she’s banging in the goals in the premier league – and now, she’s also taking down pitch invaders.

Deadset, in a recent Champions League clash between Chelsea and Juventus, an absolute ning-nong jumped on the pitch to get a selfie. While most of the players stood around and waited politely for him to be removed, Kerr f**ken shoulder-charged him and totally skittled him in the process.

It was, for most observers, a pretty f**ken satisfying experience. The ref, though, didn’t see it that way. For some reason, he saw fit to give Kerr a yellow card for her efforts in stopping the bloke.

We’re not sure what the logic was, but seriously, it’s about time soccer brought back the biff, don’t you reckon.

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we joke about soccer needing some biff, but we bloody love this. Kerr doesn’t f**k about, and she represents Aussies overseas better than pretty much anyone we can think of. She’s truly at the top of the game, and she’s clearly a woman of character. Sammy, this Top Sheila award is all yours!

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