Footage of Arnie behind the scenes in new Terminator movie has been released

Footage of Arnie behind the scenes in new Terminator movie has been released

It’s been more than a few f**ken years since Arnie originally said, “I’ll be back!” and he’s already followed through on that promise on more than a few occasions, but the legendary Governator is doing it all again.

The bloody champion recently took part in a behind the scenes interview on the set of the latest Terminator film.

For people of a certain vintage, it’s pretty bloody tough not to feel a little excited about the combination of Schwarzenegger and the Terminator. And before you say, “yeah, but, nah,” we know the latest films can barely hold a cyborg candle up to either of the first two classics. That doesn’t mean the nostalgic love isn’t there, though.

Is he a T-800 or a human in this one? Credit: Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap

Filmed in Budapest, it’s set for release in November this year and Arnie and the film’s director, Tim Miller just appeared in a great little interview about the upcoming film, the studio, crew and location. And it seems everyone involved has been having a blast in Budapest. Arnie reckons it’s one of the nicest cities in the world.

Is that his pet or does he have a Terminator-dog? Credit: Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap

Of course, we’re not sure whether the film itself will be set in the Hungarian capital, but we do know that Linda Hamilton is reprising the role of Sarah Connor. Behind the scenes footage shows the actress in full combat get-up, and the movie is supposed to be pretty f**ken action-packed.

And, to be fair, it should be. There’s no denying that the first two films are the ones that created the legacy, but the action in them – and, in particular, Terminator 2 – was f**ken spectacular back in the day. We know it’s a different era and Hollywood has changed, but wouldn’t it be nice to have just one more proper Schwarzenegger Terminator film?

Sarah Connor looks like she’s been in the wars. Credit: Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap

Final thought: As we alluded to earlier, we’ll have to reserve judgement, but it’s hard not to be a bit pumped for a Terminator film with Hamilton and Arnie. Until next time, Hasta la vista, dickwads.

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