99-Year-Old Grandmother Arrested After Attempting Bucket List Item

99-Year-Old Grandmother Arrested After Attempting Bucket List Item

What’s one thing you want to do before you die? Do you even have a bucket list ready to go? If you don’t, you should probably hop on it in all honesty. Life may be difficult but it’s the only one you’ve got, so why not actually experience sh*t? Just, within reason, people.


Experiencing everything life can offer is what one Norwegian grandmother (EDIT: yeah nah yeah Netherlands) known only as Annie decided to do after turning 99-years-old – to finish off what was left of her bucket list. She didn’t have much left, but she wanted to know what it would be like to be imprisoned.

Her family was a little taken aback by the odd request but decided to ask the police for their assistance in the matter. Leave it to the Nijmegen Zuid station to come through for a pensioner with a weird desire, they decided not only would they arrest her, they would give her the full lockdown treatment! Well, as much as her old body could stand up to I’d imagine.


As you can see here she’s clearly more than a little pleased at the day’s turn of events, showing a beaming smile as the officer places her in handcuffs. The family was probably more than a little concerned but the humour of the whole situation quickly overtook everyone involved. I mean, why on earth would anyone ever want to be thrown behind bars? Well, she is old enough to have grown up in the Bonnie and Clyde “golden” days where jail time was romanticized.


If a 99-year-old woman has the balls to be arrested, what’s stopping you from doing any one thing on your own list? I mean, technically each day could be the last, right? For some of us that day is a little closer than others. You know who you are.