Photo of a human-sized Filipino bat has left the Internet “horrified”

Credit: @AlexJoestar622

Photo of a human-sized Filipino bat has left the Internet “horrified”

If you’re not from the tropical parts of the world, the only bats you’re familiar with might be the little ones you’ve seen in movies. The realisation that the noisy b**tards can get pretty f**ken big can be one that leaves you a little unsettled at first. So with a photograph of a massive bloody megabat in the Philippines going viral, it’s no wonder people are s**tting bricks.

Basically, this one first went online a little while back when someone who goes by the Twitter handle of @AlexJoestar622 posted an image of a giant golden-crowned flying fox and captioned it with, “Remember when I told y’all about the Philippines having human-sized bats? Yeah, this was what I was talking about.”

Since then, that image has been retweeted over a-hundred-and-eleven thousand times and picked up over two-hundred-and-seventy-thousand likes.

Of course, being the internet, people started bloody going apes**t with their responses. Among the replies, you’ll find comments like this:


But @AlexJoestar622 didn’t want people to be worried about the creature, saying they “didn’t want people to get scared of bat n s**t.”

If you want some real facts about this big bloody bewdiful creature, though, it’s a big bloody vegetarian native to the Asian Archipelago. If you do live in the tropics, you’ve undoubtedly seen some other big f**ken bats, but this one is the biggest.

It’s important to note, though, that it’s only the wingspan that can get to 1.7metres. The actual body’s not that big. Still, though, if one flew into you, you’d bloody well know about it.

Final thought: Rightio, let’s just say the usual: we f**ken love our wildlife and this is another example of the wonders of nature. If you’ve got great pictures of bats in your neck of the wood, load up the comments section.

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