Fan causes “worsed ever crash” at Tour de France with cardboard sign

Fan causes “worsed ever crash” at Tour de France with cardboard sign

All right, we know you big bloody bewdiful bastards are aware of the big bloody crash in the Tour De France the other day, and you also know that we bloody love seeing cyclists eat s**t in monumental stacks. What you might not know though – we didn’t until we saw this apparently old news – is that for a while Tour De France was looking to get their own back on the fan who caused the massive – and hilarious – crash. Yeah, nah, they were bloody gunning for her.

Thankfully, they’ve withdrawn the lawsuit that could’ve seen the poor lass go down for initiating the connection that sent competitors down like dominoes. Originally, the suspect was arrested right after the incident and kept in custody.

Credit: Tour-De-France

When it happened, the French gendarmerie, their cops, released a statement saying:

“The spectator who caused this accident left the scene before the arrival of the investigators. Everything is being done to try and find her. She was wearing glasses and dressed in blue jeans, a red and white striped sweater, and a waxed yellow jacket.”

We’re not sure whether the attack was an accident or was deliberate. To be honest, we thought it was an accident when we first saw it, and were too busy laughing at the massive pile of competitors doing their best impression of Jenga blocks to care. Still, if it was an accident – and we’re saying it was – this is all a bit harsh. S**t happens!

Credit: Tour-De-France

Pierre-Yves Thouault, the deputy race director of the Tour de France, however, was pretty pissy. He said:

“This is unacceptable behaviour. There are safety rules to follow. Spectators don’t cross the road, they don’t take selfies. Frankly, her attitude was insane. The show is the riders, not spectators who want to be on TV.

The Tour must remain a party but because of the attitude of a very small minority, it is ruined. We can no longer accept this. We are suing this woman who behaved so badly. We are doing this so that the tiny minority of people who do this don’t spoil the show for everyone.”

Credit: Tour-De-France

Now, in a stunning turn of events, withdrawn their lawsuit to appease the general public.

Tour director, Christian Prudhomme said:

“We are withdrawing our complaint. This story has been blown out of proportion but we wish to remind everyone of the safety rules on the race. If you come to the Tour, you hold your kid, you hold your pet and don’t cross the road carelessly. And above all, you respect the riders – they’re the ones worthy of live TV.”

Credit: Tour-De-France

Good call, mate. It’s not like she stuck a stick in the dude’s spokes.

Final thought: We reckon that cyclists can build on this rare moment of introspection. We reckon that’d be bloody grouse. Anyway, hit the comments section with things that cyclists can improve on. We’ll see you there!

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