This art restoration bodge-job is so bad the internet has been ‘fixing’ it

Credit: Cedida por Coleccionista/Europa Press 2020

This art restoration bodge-job is so bad the internet has been ‘fixing’ it

We’re not sure how artsy-fartsy you are, but we reckon there’s a good chance you caught the recent news story about yet another famous painting getting royally f**ked on by a supposed ‘restorer’. Yeah, nah, a private collector from the Spanish city of Valencia was royally miffed when he realised the bloke who’d just charged him 1200 Euro to ‘fix’ his copy of Murillo’s Immaculate Conception painting was only a furniture restorer and he’d absolutely destroyed it.

So, it turns out that it’s not the original, and that’s probably a good thing. That bad boy’s bloody irreplaceable. Still, when you see the mess made of this one, you’ll understand why there are calls to have the industry regulated.

Deadset, though, one of the things we don’t understand is the brazen nature of going, ‘Oh yeah, f**k yeah, piece of piss, mate. I’ll get her sorted right out,” and not having a f**ken clue what you’re doing. Seriously, you know whether you can draw or not.

And if you have trouble colouring between the lines, you probably shouldn’t be claiming you can fix an expensive painting. Still, the world takes all sorts, and we guess you don’t know what you don’t know. Perhaps the furniture restorer’s mum still kept all their paintings on the fridge. Perhaps they thought it was good.

Credit: @rachelrouen

Credit: @TanyaLumere

Credit: @TheBeardyBoyo

Nevertheless, the reason you’re really here is to see the fun amateur artists are having on Twitter with the painting. Yeah, nah, they’ve taken it upon themselves to rectify the mistake and put a new face onto the painting.

Credit: @RootLoops

Credit: @mrburns69045846

Credit: @jaceb77

Have a bloody squiz and let us know what you reckon.

Final thought: We’ll be honest, this is the content we’re here for. We know it’s a tragic loss for the collector who’s had his artwork f**ked on, but for everyone else this s**t’s pure gold. So, as always, we’re not too shy to steal an idea. If you’ve got Photoshop skills, get to work and show us how you’d fix the painting in the Facebook comments. Cheers, ya legends!

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