These 13 people realized they dated celebs before they were famous, share evidence

These 13 people realized they dated celebs before they were famous, share evidence

It’s not always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of celebs, but at some point before the illuminati indoctrinated them and turned them into huge stars they had to be normal people, right? Yeah, nah, it’s not like they just come out of the vat ready-made; they had to be regular folk at some point, and that probably means they went on dates with normal people. Of course, we wouldn’t be saying this without the proof. Check out these photos to see what we mean…

Rightio, ya big legends, we reckon it’s possible that more than a few of you blokes and blokettes know people who are f**ken famous, and you know ‘em from their days as regular folk.

If that’s you, you won’t be surprised by what we’re about to show you.

Just Leonardo hanging out with family because he dated my aunt. Credit: peytonntheisen

So, without further waffling, most of these pics seem to come from people whose relatives used to date the stars in question. That could be an aunt, it could be a mother, or even a grandparent.

Mom and John Travolta were childhood friends. Here’s nana with him after one of his shows in the 70s. Credit: trillionn

Wife used to date Henry Wrinkler from ‘The Fonz’ from late 70’s. Credit: UberStone

Mom dated Matt Le Blanc and finally found a picture to prove it. Credit: RimKoumaira

Aunt used to date Ashton when he was young. Look at this precious picture! Credit: peterson_molly

We realise that does raise the possibility of the people claiming the photo just saying it was them, but whatever, the photos still show regular people being regular people. It’s just that some of those regular people became celebs.

I used to date Ariana Grande and did a theater together. Credit: joshvenkat

Mom and Adam Sandler on prom night during high school. Credit: BPearsonn

Aunt and Jamie Foxx used to be a thing. We called him uncle Jami. Credit: mikaelakistner

Sister used to date Macho Man Randy Savage back in the 90’s and that is me. Credit: eLetoR

Throughout the photos, you’ll see the Fonz, Usher, Matthew McConaughey, Ariana Grande, Jamie Foxx, and even Ashton Kutcher at an age that was too young for even Demi Moore.

Anyway, have a squiz. We reckon you’ll get a kick out of it.

Sister used to date Usher back in high school and only said it now. Credit: camrynmariaa

Grandpa, back in 1945, dated ‘The Black Dahlia’, Elizabeth Short. He was an FBI suspect. Credit: forum4um

Matthew McConaughey dated cousin during college. Credit: peytonntheisen

Mom used to date Woody Harrelson. Credit: joaniemarie123

Final thought: We mentioned earlier that some of you folks in the comments section might have priors with someone who’s famous-as-f**k now. If you do, and it’s not an invasion of privacy, bust out the photos and give us a squiz.

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