This sheila has some fair dinkum extreme ways to save money

Credit: TLC Extreme Cheapskates

This sheila has some fair dinkum extreme ways to save money

Money. There’s just no getting around the fact that you need the stuff. Yeah, nah, there’s countless books, songs and movies about it, and in a purely functional sense, it’s pretty much the most important thing we’ve got. S**t, we’d even say it might be one of the most important things we don’t have. Anyway, despite all that, depending on what you do with your money, a little bit can go a long way, especially if you’re frugal. And that brings us to Stephanie Bennett. This sheila takes budgeting to the extreme.

We’re gonna start off by saying there’s nothing wrong with being aware of your expenses. S**t, we all have things we do that save money. One of the things we do is jump on the pushy or Shanks’s pony when we’ve only gotta go to the corner store.

Use dryer lint as a cotton-swab. Credit: TLC Extreme Cheapskates

Stephanie takes things a bit further, though. And, just to be clear, it’s not because she has no money to spend. Her boyfriend reckons, “Stephanie has a good job, she works at a doctor’s office. She does have a lot of money saved up; she doesn’t want to spend nothing.”

Collect scraps of sauce to re-use. Credit: TLC Extreme Cheapskates

He then goes on to say her frugality is ridiculous. Here’s some of the ways she pinches pennies: She gathers lint from the clothes dryer to make cotton pads for her make-up, she moves around the house with a single light-bulb instead of turning on multiple lights, and she reuses pasta water.

Peel bananas before weighing them. Credit: TLC Extreme Cheapskates

On top of that, her method of showering is pretty extreme. She uses the idea of the ‘Navy shower’. In her own words, that’s where you, “Cut the water off, lather your body down make sure you get every area so you don’t miss anything because you can’t go back to it… and get out.”

Wrap your lasagne tight and put it in the dishwasher. Credit: TLC Extreme Cheapskates

All of this came to light on an episode of TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, but it’s still not the biggest shock. She cooks food in the dishwasher when it’s cleaning plates. To get the job done, she puts the food inside a container, wraps it tight in alfoil, and plays the waiting game. She says, “[I make] fish, hotdogs, lasagne, I’m telling you – I do it all the time.”

Yeah, nah, bugger that.

Final thought: Look, as we said above, we’ve all got our own ways of saving money, so why don’t we make this a positive one. If you’ve got a great idea, let us know in the comments section. F**k yes, people, let’s get out own money hacks blurb going!

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