GRAPHIC: This Woman’s Reason For Shooting A 12 Foot Snake Has Divided The Internet

GRAPHIC: This Woman’s Reason For Shooting A 12 Foot Snake Has Divided The Internet

I have never worked on a farm, but I have seen my fair share of snakes eating whatever they can to survive.

One time I was witness to a snake and possum falling off my roof and proceeding to have an epic 45 min fight for survival (the possum got away in the end). It was a python, and I didn’t interfere because it’s just the nature of.. well, nature. It’s sometimes brutal and confronting, but most of the time it’s best if you just let it run its course.


When it comes to these sort of incidents though, it’s hard not to pick a side. You know that Seinfeld bit about how when you are watching a documentary on lions you want it to chase and kill the gazelle, while next week’s show on gazelles has you changing your tune completely? Well this video clearly falls into that category, as the internet is divided onf ig the woman in the video was in the right or in the wrong.


The video is simple: it’s just a woman working on a farm who has caught a python about to eat some lunch – her goat. She has a gun, and keeps shooting the snake it until it’s presumed dead. The goat was already dead, but she still shot the trespasser dead regardless. Was she right to do it? The video was posted on facebook and has some very mixed comments:

Some hated it: “Are you kidding me that snake was just doing what it does to eat…what a piece of crap for shooting it…I’ve had them as pets and they are the best pets you can have.”


While some loved it: “Love this video! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when someone exercises the fundamental right to protect what’s theirs and it winds up pissing off a liberal!”

And others shared their wisdom: “The snakes are not native to Florida and do not belong here irresponsible pet owners that let their pets go when they get too big are the reason for this. I like snakes but these pythons are a danger to our ecosystem and need to be eradicated.”


Check it out and judge for yourself here:

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