Woman Decides To Shave Her Legs Down At The Resort Pool

Woman Decides To Shave Her Legs Down At The Resort Pool

There’s a lot of positive sh*t you can say in respect of multi-tasking. It’s efficient, it’s convenient, and it’s great for the brain. So with footage of a woman shaving her legs in a Florida resort pool emerging on the internet, it’s a little disconcerting that the poor love starring in it has been represented as a bit of a grub. The reality is that she’s living the dream.

"Hey, Margarie, bring Mumma her razor. Her leg's are like a porcupine's pecker." Credit: Reddit/Screwsausage

“Hey, Margarie, bring Mumma her razor. Her legs are like a porcupine’s pecker.” Credit: Reddit/Screwsausage

So before you become all judgy about her life choices, let’s consider the positives to shaving your legs in a public pool. You can easily say that it’s good for the environment! Instead of wasting water and sending it straight down the drainpipe, she’s using a readily available supply – without running a single extra tap!

Think about it. These days, everyone from tree-huggers to government organisations is telling us how important it is to conserve water. It’s one of our most important resources, and this conscientious old bird shouldn’t be shamed for doing her bit to ensure a ready supply for future generations.

"Ain't this just the best." Credit: Reddit/Screwsausage

“Ain’t this just the best.” Credit: Reddit/Screwsausage

Secondly, she’s teaching the littluns around her how to multi-task. In a day and age when everyone’s time-poor, especially in a hotel resort where there’s so much relaxing to do, you can’t afford to be wasting time taking care of your hygiene and bodily functions in a time-consuming way. By multi-tasking, you can avoid the pitfalls of lost pool-time caused by making sure your legs are smooth and sexy as f**k in the old-fashioned way. Get your sun, get your water, and get your smooth, smooth legs in one go! Just shave in the pool!

Lastly, she’s really getting every cent of value out of her dollar. People are wasteful in the 21st century. She’s fighting back against the profligate nature of modern life by shaving there. She’s paid good money for that pool and she’s there from the time it opens till the time it closes. Just don’t ask where she does her business.

"Oh yeah, that lifeguard, he's gonna love having these pins wrapped around his manly face!" Credit: Reddit/Screwsausage

“Oh yeah, that lifeguard, he’s gonna love having these pins wrapped around his manly face!” Credit: Reddit/Screwsausage

Final thought: Lady, you’re all right. If you wanna shave in the pool, you shave in the pool. Don’t let The Man get you down. Don’t let social shaming shut down your shaving. Be a hedonist. Be selfish. Be free. Be clean-shaven and sun-kissed with the help of your resort’s pool. You live in the land of the free. You show Al-Qaeda what it means to be ‘Murican! Or maybe don’t, yeah nah, probably not.

H/T: LADbible.