Uni lecturer recorded moment she caught student ‘lewd act’ during class

Uni lecturer recorded moment she caught student ‘lewd act’ during class

The wristy. Regardless of how bloody good you reckon they are, there’s a time and a place for one, and that’s true whether or not you’re the owner-operator or whether you’ve got a friend getting in on the action. Yeah, nah, it’s the kind of thing you should keep private. If you can’t do that, you’ve really got to aim for secluded. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting sprung…

And yeah, we’re aware that for some of you, the idea of the ‘danger w*nk’ is pretty appealing, but again, you’ve gotta consider others.

If you don’t, you might end up finding yourself shamed by the lecturer of your class. And having the ensuing rant recorded and posted online for posterity.

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Fair dinkum, that’s exactly what happened to a couple in the middle of a lecture about legal precedent. The lecturer, whose name we don’t know stops mid-presentation. “Oh my God,” she says. “Give me a minute, guys, I just wanna bleach my eyes and my brain.”

From there, she slowly teases out a story, trying to shame out the randy couple without actually naming and shaming – as some seem desperate for her to do.

“If you’d like to spend time with your partner,” she continues, “there are some perfectly malleable and sanitised beanbags over at Mews(?)…but, and this is the second time I’m saying this in my career, no below the belt touching in my lecture theatre please.”

Credit: Instagram/dieforestfic

As you can imagine, the furore kicks in, but she’s not quite done. “Just to qualify, this is a mentoring unit, so I will give some mentorship here. The strategic placement of the hoodie only draws the eye more…”

Making things worse for the frisky couple, the lecturer didn’t stop recording the entire time she was talking – and people checking out the recorded lecture were treated to the lecturer’s rant.

Credit: Instagram/dieforestfic

Now, we’re not sure whether the couple stopped burping the worm, mashing the man meat, or punching the clown, but we don’t think they just stared the lecturer in the face and kept going. We certainly hope not. Yeah, nah, that’d be weird.

Final thought: Bloody hell, as we mentioned before, we know some of you love the old danger w*nk, but this is a new level of risky. Anyway, let us know what you would have done in that lecturer’s shoes.

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