TikToker says she lets husband sleep with her Mum and Sister

Credit: @Brookmaklin123

TikToker says she lets husband sleep with her Mum and Sister

Look, you know we’re not into kink-shaming here at Ozzy Man Reviews, but even we’ve gotta perk our ears up from time to time and wonder if we’re hearing s**t correctly. This is one of those stories. Yeah, nah, the sheila in today’s videos reckons she lets her husband and mum get it on a couple of times a week, and even lets him ‘play’ with her sister. 

All right, for this story, we’re hearing from TikTok user @brookmaklin123. We’ll be honest, there seems to be debate online as to whether she’s serious, but most of the posts on her TikTok seem to be talking about how much of a swinger she is.

Credit: @Brookmaklin123

We’ll be honest, there’s a bit of a cringe there. Yeah, nah, there is. Seeing the way it’s delivered and the strange mix of cockiness and awkwardness that’s present in the videos, it’s not exactly comfortable viewing.

We dunno, though, maybe you don’t agree, but for us, that weird little bit where the husband comes in and hugs the mum and the sister at the end of the two videos just feels super staged and there’s a pretty uncomfortable undertone there.

In the first video, Macklin looks at the camera and says, “This is my mum, yeah I let my hubby have her a couple of times a week, yeah I’m that kind of wife.”

In the second, the message is kinda the same, only it’s with the sister. “Do you wanna know how I keep my man happy?” she asks. “I let him play with my little sister.”

Throughout, her man is grinning like a pig in s**t, and if the stories are true, you can imagine why. He’s basically got his own harem, even if it is some kind of weird incestuous one. We’re not sure it’s for everyone, but if they’re not breaking any laws and they’re happy, then so be it. We think.

Final thought: Yeah, we’re throwing this over to you guys. Is this the kind of thing all blokes should want, or is it a bit weird? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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