F*** off big muscular monkey spotted at Zoo

Credit: Santeri Oksanen/SWNS

F*** off big muscular monkey spotted at Zoo

You’re all probably aware that the world had to say goodbye to Roger the Buff Kangaroo recently. It was a sad moment, and we’ll always remember the mad rooter fondly. He was big, he was buff and he was cranky as f**k. For a long time it was thought no other creature could rock muscles like the big fella, but recent photos of a monkey from Finland’s Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki show us that maybe a few could come close.

Deadset, this little nugget is f**ken staunch. She was made internet famous when photographer Santeri Oksanen saw the ripped little sheila on a trip to the zoo. “I couldn’t believe the huge muscles that the monkey had,” the photographer told the SWNS in the UK. “The other monkeys were very small in comparison, they all looked a bit scared of her.”

Credit: Santeri Oksanen/SWNS

I’d be bloody scared of her too, I reckon. Look at that cranky face. She looks like someone’s shat in her hat and punched it. The pose is super aggressive too. It’s a proper abominable snowman pose that one. Pretty fitting for a big rig in the snow, really.

Credit: Santeri Oksanen/SWNS/Twitter/Coolbutpoorguy

Anyway, despite its frosty locale, the monkey is a white-faced saki. These bewdiful primates inhabit the tropical jungles of Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela. Considering its natural climate, it’s no wonder it looks pissed off.

Credit: Santeri Oksanen/SWNS

Despite that, these monkeys are known to get pretty staunch thanks to their lifestyle. They spend a lot of time swinging from tree to tree, smashing creatine and chowing down on a high protein diet. On top of that, although there’s no evidence to support the rumour, it’s thought they also like walking around town with a towel draped over their shoulder and listening to EDM.

Naturally, others mentioned the link to Roger, the original swole b**tard.

Credit: Twitter/GrantBrisbee

Final thought: What do we reckon? Could this champion crush a bucket with its bare hands? Let us know in the comments. Don’t be shy of sharing photos of other muscly creatures there either. Let ‘em rip.

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