Bloke in relationship with his car even roots it

Credit: TLC

Bloke in relationship with his car even roots it

Straight up, we reckon that love is love here at Ozzy Man Reviews. Yeah, nah, deadset, we really do. On top of that, we reckon that people should do what makes them happy. If they’re not hurting anyone, we don’t mind if they’ve got a bit of a kink or an alternative lifestyle. Even if we do sometimes have to go, f**ken really? This is one of those times. Meet Nathaniel, a bloke from Arkansas and his love interest, Chase.

Before we get into it, Chase is a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo. Don’t get us wrong, Chase is no 1958 Plymouth Fury, but the Christine vibes are there all the same. Yeah, nah, old mate Nathaniel’s certainly coming across a bit Arnie Cunningham, so we just have to hope there’s no Roland LeBay in there with him!

Credit: TLC

All that s**t aside, though, we have to say this is an old story that’s resurfaced, so if you’re thinking you’ve seen it before, you might well have. Yeah, Nathaniel first came to the world’s attention back 2012 when he and Chase featured on an episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction.

At the time, he reckoned, “It was love at first sight. His body and his interior and everything just together seemed to fit. I felt an instant connection. I don’t know why I feel the way I do, but I just know I absolutely love Chase. We always have a good time together.”

Credit: TLC

And you know what, fair enough. You don’t have to justify it, mate. We’re not judging you. Yeah, nah, it’s not like you’re trying to slip it the dipstick or anything, right?



Ah…f**k. He is.

He went on to say, “We have our times where things get sexual. What we do most often is, I like to lean over his fender and across his hood. One of his more bold positions is for me to be underneath him. He really likes that. It’s really special to make love to Chase.”

Credit: TLC

All right, we’re judging a bit. We’ll be honest.

Final thought: Obviously, this all happened a while ago and we have no idea whether it’s still the case. Yeah, nah, we don’t know if the two are happily married now or whether they’re divorced and bitter. If you know the truth, share your knowledge in the comments section.

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