These Social Media ‘Influencers’ cop exactly what they deserve

These Social Media ‘Influencers’ cop exactly what they deserve

We’ve made our feelings known on ‘Influencer’ culture on this site a few times now, and we’re not special in that. It turns out loads of people are actually pretty anti the self-entitled behaviour that comes from plenty of these people. Don’t get us wrong – as we’ve said before, and will say again – there are, despite opinions, some people who really can sell your product by just mentioning it. This post isn’t about those people…

Yeah, nah, those people are usually real celebrities with years of good faith built up between them and their audience. You know, like Oprah Winfrey. When that chick told her audience a book was good, you’d better believe it sold like hotcakes.

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The average no-job influencer probably isn’t going to do much apart from provide a review, though. And, again, a good review can sell product. Is it going to enough to justify extravagant expense? Not really.

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What we’re starting to see now is all about the oversaturation of the field. People are trying desperately to claim as much as they can for free, simply because they have a social media profile. In reality, all that’s doing is creating a perception that the industry itself is made up of swindlers and opportunists.

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Here’s the thing. If you’re a music blogger and you act in good faith, musicians are going to want to provide you with free downloads of their music and tickets to their shows. The same goes with any field.

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It’s just when you’re trying to step outside of that area and ask for things like free wedding catering, free photography, free accommodation in exchange for exposure that things get a bit dodgy.

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Anyway, have a read of these and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Final thought: Look, one of the things we’ve seen said before that really resonates with us is the idea that occasional exposure is great, but it’s also important to know that exposure is a real cause of death in some situations, and it’s a bit unfair to expect everyone to work for it. As you’ll see time and time again in these images, it doesn’t pay the bills.

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