Mum whose son dropped the bloke who was pestering her speaks out

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Mum whose son dropped the bloke who was pestering her speaks out

We’re pretty certain you saw the video we shared yesterday where a young bloke stuck up for his mum and f**ken floored a stranger who was pestering her. Many of you who viewed it and mentioned that you thought something else might be going on in the comments. While we don’t have any word on that yet – and it does seem slightly fishy, if we’re honest – there has been some more words and context shared by Mum and the big fella in the white shirt…

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Righto, as you remember, the Mum – who has fibromyalgia, diabetes and, apparently, a few other ailments – was cornered by a couple of dodgy-looking fellas out the front of her house. As far as the story goes, they were pestering her to get inside, and there was no hint that they were up to anything wholesome.

Enter her son, who now has a name, Jack Randall, a 22-year old fella who shares a moniker with the villain of Outlander fame, f**ken decked one of the blokes while the dog stood around doing a whole lot of nothing.

Credit: Newsflare/Darren Murrell

Well, the Mum has now come out in defence of her young bloke. Here’s what she had to say:

I was frightened of them. Those kinds of people are unpredictable. I’m ill and so I may have struggled to defend myself.

The one that went to the door, he turned funny. He started swaying and he couldn’t walk.

I told them to get off the front. One of them went near the door. I stood in the way. I had my granddaughter in my arms so I put her down in the chair in case he tried to get passed me and in the house.

Jack’s girlfriend had messaged him to tell him what was going on, that’s why he got out the car so quickly and punched him straight away.

I didn’t know he knew what was going on. They should never have come over here; it’s our house, our property.

All of that seems fair enough. If you’ve got worries about your safety – or your mum’s safety – on your own property, you’re well within your rights to lay the f**ken smack down with some of that sweet chin magic. Also, although we might be wrong, if you’ve told someone to leave your property and they refuse, doesn’t the law back you up and say you can use necessary force to f**k them off? We’d argue that dropping them with one sweet punch and then dragging them out to the median strip meets that requirement.

Credit: Newsflare/Darren Murrell

Anyway, we digress. Here’s what the older brother, James, the bloke who was reportedly having a snooze while it all happened, said:

Two bag heads had come to our door. They tried to get into an old man’s house around the corner but he called the police on them.

They were probably trying to get into our house to steal something. ‘One of them, their trousers kept falling down. And they kept falling down in front of my daughter. Jack punched the one whose trousers had fallen down.

The way they were going, there was no time to get on the phone to get the police. We had to use force to get them away.

My mam’s not well. She has Fibromyalgia, diabetes and other things affecting her health. I was basically coming down to defend my family.

Credit: Facebook/Jack Randall

Final thought: Look, we’re not gonna say this story’s done. There really could still be more to it, but we’re still going to say that getting all up in an old lady’s face renders this one kinda justified. Thoughts?

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