The moment a $100 Million fighter plane crashes into aircraft carrier

The moment a $100 Million fighter plane crashes into aircraft carrier

Planes are interesting things. Obviously, they’re technologically advanced as f**k. They kinda have to be. After all, in the most crude way of looking at them, they’re big hunks of metal in the sky. Thankfully, they usually manage to do all the flying and all the landing without a problem. Except for when they don’t. Give this vid a squiz to see what we mean.

All right, you big legends, what we’ve got here for you today is a video that’s been doing the rounds online, and by all accounts, military officials are pissed about it. Yeah, nah, apparently, the US military isn’t real happy that the video was leaked.

Yeah, anyway, the video’s pretty hectic. It all goes down in the South China Sea. As the plane’s coming into land, it all looks to be going all right. Until it’s not. Yeah, nah, the plane looks to overshoot the landing, and then the camera pans to footage of it just f**ken colliding with the aircraft carrier. From there, it skids into the drink, leaving the Navy to fish it off the ocean floor.

A spokesperson for the US 7th fleet, Lt. Nicholas Lingo, said, “The US Navy is making recovery operations arrangements for the F-35C aircraft involved in the mishap aboard USS Carl Vinson.”

In a separate interview, he reported that, “The ship has assessed that the video covered by media today was taken onboard USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70) during the crash. There is an ongoing investigation of the incident.”

As we mentioned above, military brass are kinda pissed the video was circulated online. One former director of operations at the US Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center in Hawaii, Carl Schuster, reckons that’s because if they could have, the Chinese would have loved to have got to the plane first.

Apparently, the pilot and a number of navy sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson were injured in the incident.

Final thought: Yeah, obviously, we don’t like hearing that people are hurt, but what a world we live in. Previously, this s**t would have happened with us never knowing. Now, though, that s**t’s online before you can blink. F**k we love the internet!

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