Tattooists reveal the best COVID inspired tattoos they’ve done

Credit: @baraovtattoo

Tattooists reveal the best COVID inspired tattoos they’ve done

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that people all around the globe are wanting COVID-inspired tattoos right now. With something as epic and all-encompassing as a pandemic of this nature, it’s only right that it enters pop culture, and tattoos are probably one of the most ‘instant’ ways to measure that. While albums, book, and films all take time to produce, a tattoo can be complete in a matter of hours. So when Vice decided to quiz a few tattooists on their Covid-inspired work, we thought it’d be worth a bit of a gander!

Basically, they sent a whole bunch of emails out to tattooists from all over the globe, and compiled some of the responses. We’ll let you catch all the detail over there, but we’ve got a bunch of the pics here for you, and some interesting thoughts on the whole trend from the tattooists themselves.

Credit: @ramotattoo

We’ll start with one of the Australian tattooists. A tattooist going by the handle of @_mundane_death works for Melbourne’s Yokai City Tattoo. They reckon they’ve only done the one so far, but already have more booked in.

Credit: @_mundane_death

They said, “The inspiration just came from around me; I’ve been drawing latex gloves, plague doctors and medical masks for months. I just put them on my Instagram and people resonate with them and want them done. My friend loved the design of the cute girl with a mask, so she came in and we smashed it out. Now she has a reminder of 2020!”

Credit: @woodzart

Spinning across the globe to David Barão of Portugal, we find out that he bloody loves the COVID tatts. “I love that people have the guts to tattoo something like that on them, and that it’s such a harsh, unavoidable reminder of a crazy awful year.”

He reckons he likes to capture feelings, and it’s pretty hard to say that tattoos haven’t influenced feelings. “COVID has changed all of our lives so radically this year. There are parts I want to forget, but also things I’ve learnt that I want to remember. It’s also going to be super funny to show our grandchildren these tattoos. They’ll spark so many stories, both joyful and horrific!”

Credit: @baraovtattoo

As you can see, the trend’s happening across the globe and COVID tattoos are catching on.

Credit: baddecisiontats

You can read the original article here.

Final thought: Yeah, we’d better drop a bit of a litmus test for you lot. If you’ve got yourself a COVID tattoo, post a picture in the comments section and show it off. You know what to do!

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