Students surprise broke as f**k teacher who’s been sleeping in his classroom

Students surprise broke as f**k teacher who’s been sleeping in his classroom

I’m not gonna f**ken lie to ya, teaching is a profession near and dear to my heart, so when I see that some poor b*stard in Brazil has effectively been squeezed out of three months’ worth of pay by his bosses but still comes to bloody work and educates his charges like the professional substitute teacher he is, it angries up the blood.

Bruno Rafael Paiva is a fair dinkum top bloke. When it became evident that another member of staff became seriously bloody ill, he accepted the challenge. Then, when there was a complication with his contract, forcing him to go head to head with the government if he ever wants to see the first three months of his salary, Bruno didn’t say, “Oh well, f**kers, nice knowing you,” and ride off into the sunset like Mr Bergstrom did in the second season the Simpsons.

"Of course it's a surprise. It sure as sh*t ain't homework!" Credit: Carlos Santos

“Of course it’s a surprise. It sure as sh*t ain’t homework!” Credit: Carlos Santos

Nah, he said, “F**ken challenge accepted, c**ts.” As a result, the enthusiastic music teacher is skint. So skint in fact that he’s had to sleep rough in his own classroom. As we all know, the only people who should be sleeping in classrooms are students forced to endure maths class. I’ll give ya a hint, kids. Buy a f**ken calculator. Showing your working is overrated as f**k.

Anyway, the bloody kids in his class banded together to show their legendary teacher how much they appreciated his sacrifices and surprise him with something to keep him going during his time of need. Deadset, the little pricks had a raffle and raised 400 smackeroonies to bestow upon him.

"Now you made me cry!" Credit: Carlos Santos

“Now you made me cry!” Credit: Carlos Santos

That’s almost two thirds of the salary he would have earned after three months of paid work. Best of all, it shows once again that when the Government can’t bloody well get things right, we need to ask high school students to step up. Those little hellions know how to get shit done!

Bruno told his Facebook friends that, “Teacher life is not easy. When I saw that I was not going to receive a month and a half’s salary, I saw everything going black. I sank into depression, worried and lost, without knowing how to pay the bills and help my family.”

"Stacks on!" Credit: Carlos Santos

“Stacks on!” Credit: Carlos Santos

Final thought: Fortunately, the class full of mischievous kids can always be relied upon when they have real-life, engaging problems to solve. F**ken top work, kids. Good shit, Mr Paiva.

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