Some of the cringiest notes from teachers you’re likely to see

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Some of the cringiest notes from teachers you’re likely to see

Sometimes you’ve gotta feel sorry for teachers. Deadset, those poor b**tards have to put up with some real s**t. But, on the other side of the coin, they must see some f**ken funny s**t as well. Anyway, as part of that, they’ve gotta let the parents know when things get out of hand, and that can result in some pretty cringe-worthy communication. Have a look at some of these to see what we mean…

Obviously, we’ll start with the obvious. If you’re a parent, we’re pretty sure your kid is perfect. We reckon that you’d probably never get a letter like this, and if you did, it’d have to be the teacher who’s in the wrong.

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Still, stuff like this can be an eye-opener for those of us who remember what school was like but aren’t able to transfer that knowledge to our common-sense when we do hear from the school.

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Of course, it’s worth mentioning that sometimes there are a whole host of underlying reasons for the myriad of behaviours kids can unleash, but when you’ve got thirty of the little buggers in the room, it must pose a bit of a problem.

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From the look of it, most of these photos are from the teachers and parents of young children. To teach a class of those little booger-eaters really takes a special kind of person, but honestly, if this was us, we know we’d laugh our bloody heads off at this stuff.

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On a side-note, though, we remember one of our mates had his parents called because he drew a big boner on a picture of Shakespeare. How do you have that conversation with a parent and keep a straight face?

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It’s a bloody mystery.

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Final thought: Yeah, nah, spare a thought for the teachers. On top of laughing at the antics of these maladjusted little toerags, they’ve gotta deal with painful-as-f**k parents. Still, let us know about the antics of your little buggers. That’s always worth a laugh.

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