Some f***en cracker ozzy slang examples that need translating to English

Some f***en cracker ozzy slang examples that need translating to English

One thing that’ll sure as s**t always blow us away, is the simple fact that even though we’re Ozzy as f**k here at Ozzy Man Reviews, people from all over the f**ken globe check into this website, read these articles and watch the crap out of our videos. When you consider that the country of Australia doesn’t even exist, that’s not too shabby at all. Yeah, nah, that’s pretty f**ken grouse, if you ask us. Still, one thing we have noticed in the comments sections, is that you guys need a handy go-to guide for some of our Ozzy language translations.

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Fortunately, Bored Panda recently shared a pretty f**ken comprehensive list of Ozzy phrases and comments that we can commandeer parts of for your use. It’s a pretty f**ken bonza list that’s chockers with all the good s**t you’ll need to speak if you really wanna come hang out in Straya and blend in with the locals. This one above is totally worded in the language of the bogans. Among our different cultural groups, the ones saying this s**t are the ones you’ll find in public places without shoes.

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This one’s all about the context. A bingle is a bloody car-wreck. Towies are obviously the tow-truck drivers and chockers. Well, it’s f**ken choc-a-block. Simple.

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Can’t say I’ve personally heard anyone use this, but it’s pretty f**ken likely someone has used it. A colourful vernacular full of metaphor and imagery is a key component of our evolving language. Similarly, you might describe someone disorganised as ‘unable to organise a piss-up in a brewery,’ or ‘unable to organise a root in a brothel.’

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Trakky-dacks. Your dacks are your f**ken pants, mate. Track-pants. Trakky-dacks. That one’s not hard at all.

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Yeah, it’s about right, that translation. Of course, the tone you apply to the ‘c**t’ part of it is either positive or negative. A short sharp ‘C’ is negative. A broad ‘C’ with a long vowel sound after, and he’s a tops bloke.

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See also pluggers. On top of that, when your thong breaks, you’ve had a plugger blow-out. It’s f**ken heartbreaking and you’d better hope you’ve a bread-clip handy to fix ’em up.

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Grog. I don’t think we can claim that one, can we? Anyway, it’s alcohol. Booze. Piss.

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Yeah, ‘Oi, c**t, how the f**k are ya?’ is reserved only for your best mates and acquaintances. It signifies a warm depth of feeling.

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See. It is a fact. For durry, you can also see dart, darb, or duzza.

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Yep. We’ve got a good translation here. Save this one.

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Hahahaha, this is f**ken gold. Rightio, let’s have it:

Strewth! (Wow!)

I was sitting here watching the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) when I decided to look at Tumblr to find good pictures of of some slovenly dressed person in their track-pants and pluggers or a couple of ladies I’d like to have sexual relations with, and then this American (Yank-nay-septic tank because of the rhyming slang, which is probably Pommy), saying our language is odd. I’m a trifle annoyed.

Final thought: Just like anywhere else, we’ve got our own range of colloquialisms and when you consider that we’re a nation of f**ken immigrants – and the tops as f**k First Nations People who were here before the Brits landed are the oldest surviving culture on the planet with more than 250 languages of their own – it’s not a surprise we’ve got a bunch of deadly ways to say s**t. Ozzies – and Indigenous Ozzies – load up the comments with your favourite slang terms.

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