Qatar World Cup stadium revealed and people think it looks like a massive vagina

Credit: AECOM via Youtube

Qatar World Cup stadium revealed and people think it looks like a massive vagina

Qatar is set to host the 2022 World Cup. Their new, state of the art, Al Warah stadium is nearing completion. This monster venue can hold up to 40,000 people, has a 92-metre retractable roof and 100 ventilation units that will keep sports fans cool in Qatar’s hot climates.  

This modern facility is the brainchild of designer and architect Dame Zaha Hadid. When her plans for the structure were released back in 2013, she explained that the building’s design was inspired by a “Dhow Boat.”

A dhow boat is a sort of Arabian tinnie, used for fishing and pearl diving.

Dame Zaha Hadid – Credit: PA

Sounds good in theory, but nah, yeah. From the top, it looks like a vagina I reckon.

Credit: AECOM via Youtube

Speaking to Time, Hadid said:

“It’s really embarrassing that they come up with nonsense like this.

“What are they saying? Everything with a hole in it is a vagina? That’s ridiculous.”

Sorry, Dame Zaha, but my dirty mind sees a shiny albino lady beaver.

Credit: AECOM via Youtube

If you’re planning to check out the World Cup in 2022, better get to robbing your local bank or mortgaging ya house ay? Word on the street is that a slab will cost ya just over 100 bucks due to a “sin tax” that will see a 100% tax on all grog and other “health damaging” goods.

Fair suck of the sauce bottle, a f**cken sin tax? The only sin I see here is not being able to enjoy a reasonably priced beverage. I can imagine a heap of tight ass blokes dryer than a fireman’s shovel due to this bloody travesty.

Credit: AECOM via Youtube

Final Thought:

Sadly architect Dame Zaha Hadid kicked the bucket in 2016 from a heart attack at aged 65 and didn’t get to see her vision come to life.

Now I reckon one of the biggest challenges for designers and architects like Hadid would be coming up with original s**t that hasn’t been seen before. They’d have to take a certain level of “inspiration” from the world around them, and if that inspo is a big bloody vagina, so be it! What will matter to the fans is that it’s a great stadium with awesome facilities… Let’s hope the Qatar stadium is clean, not too damp, and wide open and welcoming to all visitors.

Check out the video below:

H/T: YouTube AECOM