Live Winter Weather Report Interrupted ‘Pot Sasquatch’

Live Winter Weather Report Interrupted ‘Pot Sasquatch’

The hunt for Bigfoot has captivated lonely Americans for as long as the country has existed. It’s been a fruitless search, to date, with the best piece of ‘evidence’ being a grainy-as-fuck video that’s definitely a dude in an ape suit, but now a video has emerged of Pot Sasquatch and it’s taking the world by storm.

Speaking of storms, news about weather events is generally the most tedious thing to watch on telly (barring hurricanes and tornados) but throw Pot Sasquatch in the mix and you’ve got a winning formula.


Meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei was reporting for 22News about how it’s snowing in Springfield, Massachusetts (during the middle of fucking winter) when all of a sudden, the giant mythical humanoid came wandering into shot.

In November, Massachusetts voted to legalise recreational cannabis for adults 21-and-over. The law went into effect Dec. 14, so it seems that some people are enjoying the benefits of the new law.

It’s unclear whether the marijuana leaves that adorn its body are part of the creatures clothing or it’s some sort of human-weed hybrid but everyone agrees, it looks cool as fuck.

Pagliei later posted a link to the video on her Facebook and said that "a walking tree" interrupted her shot.

Pagliei had no idea that she was being video-bombed by Pot Sasquatch until it’s too late but, despite the incredible interruption, she carries on with her dull report about snow like a bloody champion.

Some of the things she says are insane, however. “Multiple people have even gotten stuck here. They’ve had to push each other through the snow,” – what does that shit even mean? Can you imagine pushing each other through snow as a means of transportation?

Still, she can be forgiven for stumbling over her words when one the biggest discoveries known to man is happening just behind her and she has to report of frozen bits of water falling from the sky.