People are now dressing up to celebrate taking the rubbish bins out every week

Credit: Sacha Packer/Chris Tiane

People are now dressing up to celebrate taking the rubbish bins out every week

We’ve all heard of cabin fever, so let’s not beat around the bloody bush. By this stage of lockdown, some people are starting to really long for the outside world. They’re used to dressing up, going out, seeing people and celebrating their freedom. And, although, that s**t’s off the schedule for now, the best among us will look for any port in a storm. And that means that Bin-Day has become an opportunity to make the most of momentary freedom.

Deadset, even if you’re not yet at the stage where thoughts of the outside world are coming like mirages in a f**ken desert, you’d be familiar with stories where people snatch any glimpses of freedom they can.

Credit: Richard Aver

And that’s where the Facebook Group, Bin Isolation Outing comes into play. As they put it on their About page, “Basically, the bin goes out more than us SO let’s dress up for the occasion! Fancy dress, makeup, tutu ….be creative! Post photos to cheer us up. After all, laughter is the best medicine!”

Credit: Sam Mayes

Credit: Amanda Melissa

Credit: Gail Cowan

Credit: Andrea Benkeova

And people from all over the world have rallied to get in on the act. Deadset, there are bloody heaps of photos on there, and we can’t do ‘em all justice with one little blog post. There are almost 700,000 members of the group, and the costumes range from simple to pretty f**ken awesome.

Credit: Emma Lynn

Credit: Sue Brabazon

Credit: Hilary Rose

Credit: Sacha Packer

You’ve got Batman, The Little Mermaid, f**ken Michael Myers, Wonder Woman, Bin Kong, and bloody Dad in his dick-togs. As you can imagine, people are having a tonne of fun with it, and the whole thing’s providing some much-needed levity to everyone’s lockdown.

Credit: Matty Muzz Musgrove

Credit: Tracey Harvey

Credit: Vicky Hargraves-Royle

Credit: Sally Eatts

Let us know if you’ve had a crack at it, and upload your pics to our comments section. We’d love to see you what you bloody legends have cooked up!

Credit: Rachel Walker

Credit: Janice Whittle

Credit: Yulichka Crowther

Credit: Chris Tiane

Final thought: Seriously, here’s a challenge for ya. We’ll give fifty f**ken points to the person who does the best Ozzy Man costume. Let’s see it! And, to get you in the mood, check out Ozzy’s video on high fashion…

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