Parts of Australia look like a deadset hellscape as bushfires roar across the Country

Credit: Cubin'/Twitter

Parts of Australia look like a deadset hellscape as bushfires roar across the Country

Yeah, it’s no secret that the fires here in Ozzyland are pretty f**ken bad right now. We’ve talked about it a fair bit, and so have plenty of other places, but it seems that no matter how much you hear, every new visual or bit of information that comes out is as unbelievable as the next.

So yeah, within the last couple of days, families at Mallacoota, a place ravaged by the Victoria fires, ended up having to take to their boats and head out onto the lake to save their arses from the devastation.

Credit: Cubin’/Twitter

Credit: Cubin’/Twitter

The story made the front page of the papers here, with a f**ken epic image of a young lass wearing a gasmask on-board a tinnie, but some footage that’s been sent out by Cubin gives an expletive-laden account of affairs.

Credit: Cubin’/Twitter

The dude in the video, rocking a ciggie, a bandana and a ski mask, looks like he could be straight out of Mad Max, but this s**t is real and lives and livelihoods are in deep s**t right now. Forest the size of Belgium has been razed to the ground, half a billion animals have been f**ked on, and there’s no sign of it stopping.

Credit: Cubin’/Twitter

Credit: BradleyWDeacon

“Holy f**k,” says the dude in the video as he sits in front of a proper hellscape. “That behind me is f**ken Mallacoota. F**k! We decided to f**k off from the f**ken house and thank f**k we did ‘cos now the fire-front’s come through. Everyone’s safe and sound. We’ve got the girls and the dogs up the front. We’ve got supplies, but I hope everyone’s f**ken just ‘f**ken f**k the houses,’ man. Get into the water. It’s f**ken chaos.”

Credit: Bluesfestblues

Then, as the boat drifts into the red, waves lapping at it, he goes again. “F**k! I never seen anything like it. I hope everyone’s f**ken safe, man.”

Credit: Brendanh_au

Yeah, f**k. So do we.

Final thought: If you’re out there, in the line of fire, look out for each other and yourselves. Be bloody good to each other. Help each other out and do what you can to save the animals. Remember, nothing’s more important than life. If you’re not in the line of fire, do whatever you can to help the fireys. They need it.

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