Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in October 2016

Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in October 2016

Me critical analysis of WTF Happened in October. This episode is titled Death, Politics & Arse. Cordially, Ozzy Man. Sources below.
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Credits – check out the original vids:

Grizzly Bear Attack – Todd Orr (ViralHog):

Girl gets head stuck in pumpkin (Jukin Media):

Miss Reef Models in 1000fps (A.K.A – the arse video):

Koala and butterfly playing (Symbio Wildlife Park):

Shark Cage Breach:

2nd Presidential Debate Feat. Ken Bone:

Casey Neistat who I’m voting for:

Elephant come to rescue people:

Jetpack Aviation:

GTA 5 Mod – Samsung Galaxy Bombs:

Aleppo news:

Hundreds dead in Haiti:

Safe Space – South Park:

Science Must Fall:

Powderfinger – Don’t Wanna Be Left Out

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