Mystery of monoliths popping up across the world may have been solved

Credit: ATownReporter/Stiri Piatra Neamt

Mystery of monoliths popping up across the world may have been solved

As you know, people have been getting pretty bloody excited about the metal monoliths that have been popping up in the US and Romania. Deadset, some have even suggested they’re the harbinger of 2020’s final phase. In that reality, we’re seeing claims of aliens, but it’s not to be. Yeah, nah, the truth is out, and unfortunately, it’s a lot more boring than we might have hoped…

For a quick recap, three metal monoliths have appeared in seemingly random places over the last month or so. The first turned up in a desert in Utah, the next was in Romania, and the most recent appeared in California. All of them ‘mysteriously’ disappeared a few days later.

If you know anything, you know that the internet has loved this story. We won’t go trawling through all the old news and recounting everything for you, but they got people talking.

Now, though, hopes that the monoliths might have been an omen for something epic to close out 2020 have been dashed. An art collective from New Mexico in the States, The Most Famous Artist, has claimed responsibility.

The group’s founder, Matty Mo, has shared behind the scenes images that apparently show pictures of the monoliths during production, and announced that if you’ve got a cool $45,000 US dollary-doos to spend you can buy the one of the monoliths for yourself.

Mo tweeted, “Checking in… any collectors interested in an official alien monolith? Asking $45k.” He followed that up with Instagram photos of articles covering the monoliths, concept art, and a masked artist buffing his monolith.

On top of that, he’s even spoken to Mashable, saying, “I am not able to say much because of legalities of the original installation. I can say we are well known for stunts of this nature and at this time we are offering authentic art objects through monoliths-as-a-service. I cannot issue additional images at this time but I can promise more on this in the coming days and weeks.”

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that Mo maintains that aliens are responsible for the Utah monolith. Cheeky.

Final thought: Obviously, like most of you, we’re a little disappointed the monoliths have turned out to be mundane and human in origin. Still, when it comes down to it, we’re glad it’s not a sign that the alien invasion is just around the corner.

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