This little legend brought his whole kindergarten class to adoption hearing

Credit: 13 On Your Side ABC

This little legend brought his whole kindergarten class to adoption hearing

We all know that when you’re just a little tin lid, no taller than a dingo’s donger, you’re at your most innocent and adorable. You see the world differently. You treat everyone with respect and you don’t worry about what people think. You just do what you think is right. So when we saw that a little bloke from Michigan in the States invited his whole Kindy class to his adoption hearing, we had to share it with you…

Basically, from what we can gather, Kent County in Michigan gets all its adoptions done in one fell swoop.

They call it Adoption Day and it’s probably a pretty f**ken handy way to get s**t done. Anyway, we’re waffling, one of the little dudes who was having his adoption finalised was Michael Orlando Clark Jr.

It’s adoption day at the courthouse — the BEST day of the year! Congratulations to Michael and his family…so cool that his entire class came to support him! ❤️

Posted by CASA of Kent County on Thursday, December 5, 2019

This little legend was pretty f**ken pumped. When he found out they’d set the date, he wanted everyone there, and he invited his whole class to come and witness the celebrations. We’ve gotta say, we bloody love this. After all, family is about the ones you love and when you watch the video, you’ll see there’s a lot of love in the room – and that’s made for one hell of a memorable occasion for little Mick.

Credit: 13 On Your Side ABC

And, yeah, deadset, you can see how stoked he is. While a news team is talking to his adopted dad, he’s beaming like a Cheshire cat and can’t help but interrupt.

“We’ve been working with catholic charities and…”

He cuts in! “I love my daddy! I love my daddy so much!”

Credit: 13 On Your Side ABC

You can see the emotions are running high, everyone’s f**ken stoked and it’s a massive love-fest. In this day and age, we definitely need that s**t. Seriously, Mick, we reckon you’re already a top bloke and we wish you all the best for the future.

Credit: 13 On Your Side ABC

Final thought: Look, we all know the Foster Care system has its flaws – no matter where you are – but when you can see that everyone’s coming together to make it as loving and supportive as it seems to be here, it’s gotta be a good thing. Deadset, f**ken top bloke and top sheila awards for everyone involved. Now, have any of you blokes got a tissue? We’ve got something in our eyes.

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