Mia Khalifa Tries To Troll Celtics Player And It Back Fires Spectacularly

Mia Khalifa Tries To Troll Celtics Player And It Back Fires Spectacularly

Mia Khalifa seems to have moved on from her colourful history in the porn business, instead she’s been making trolling people on social media her newest focus. Never one to hold back from a Twitter or Instagram beef, the Lebanese adult film starlet absolutely destroyed a fan who got a tattoo of her a few months ago.

Why the guy decided to get a tattoo of Mia Khalifa inked permanently on his skin is beyond reason, but he did manage to at least coax a response out of the star, who quickly told him what an idiot he was, and then proceeded to tell him how many things were wrong with the tattoo. “I look like I just crawled out of the depths of hell nose first,” wrote Khalifa on Instagram. “What kind of dumbass would permanently mark their body with this?”

“Good luck explaining this to any future significant others. Idiot.”

The tables turned Khalifa over the weekend however when she got trolled on Twitter after trying to insult Celtics player Isaiah Thomas, joking about his height (and possibly his vertical leap).

Now, Thomas is a fair bit shorter than your average NBA player. Much shorter, in fact. He’s only 1.75m tall or 5′ 9″ in the old scale. But Khalifa’s jab is fundamentally flawed because he’s still loads taller than her.

The 24-year-old former porn star stands at a petite 1.57m or 5′ 2″. I’m not a doctor but i’m pretty sure that means Thomas wouldn’t have much difficulty reaching Khalifa’s “tiddies”.

Twitter seemed to agree:

Incredibly, it has been reported Khalifa has moved on from the adult film business, instead focusing on a career in cooking. Seriously. After two majorly successful years as an adult star, the former most searched adult star on Pornhub is now looking to move into cooking gourmet food and posting it to Instagram. Check this out:

It’s a strange world we live in.