Male giraffes headbutt females until they pee, then drink it before mating

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Male giraffes headbutt females until they pee, then drink it before mating

When you think about it, the internet really is man’s greatest testament to knowledge and intellectualism. No matter what kind of info you’re looking for, the world-wide web has probably got it. Yeah, nah, fair dinkum, it really is the repository of all knowledge. Take this little facty wacty for example. Male giraffes love a bit of pissplay when they’re getting ready to make sweet, sweet love!

All right, to prove we’re not making this s**t up, we’re gonna point you to our source, you know, like credible journos! So, with that in mind, we got this one from everyone’s favourite scientifical website, I F**KEN LOVE SCIENCE!

Just the other day, in between beers and living our daily lives, we saw something they’d shared on both their twitter and their Facebook pages – leading us to believe, they were really f**ken keen to share.

And who are we to not pass that info on? So here you go, here’s what they said:

“Male giraffes will headbutt females in the bladder until they pee. They then drink the urine, tasting it to determine whether the female is ovulating.

There. That’s something you know now.”

And we’ll be honest, the comments – on Twitter where they’re easier to follow at least – didn’t disappoint. Before we talk about that, though, let’s just put this out there. Giraffes are kinky as f**k. Yeah, nah, that’s some bloody hardcore sexual activity.

Still, considering it’s got a purpose in mind that’s not only sexual, we have to admit that it’s a novel way to manage the viability of a breeding partner. Yeah, nah, in the absence of calendars, apps, and weird advice from your Aunty Shaz, it’s a pretty ingenious way to make sure baby giraffes just keep on coming.

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Yeah, nah, next time you’re gonna dance the horizontal shuffle with the misso ask her for a taste. That way she’ll know your serious as f**k!

Final thought: All right, we’re gonna open up the comment section for as many weird and wonderful animal sex factoids as you’ve got in that big brain of yours. Share your knowledge there, and let’s find out just how much the Ozzy Man comments section knows about the sexual lives of animals!

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