Machine Gun Kelly covered System of a Down song and the internet is outraged

Credit: Sirius XM

Machine Gun Kelly covered System of a Down song and the internet is outraged

Look, the headline says plenty, but we’re not quite sure it goes far enough. Judging from the various tweets we’ve seen, the internet is more than outraged. It’s borderline disgusted. It’s offended. It’s f**ken baffled as to why anyone ever would let this happen. But, of course, we do have a reason. It’s 2022. Yeah, nah, it’s a year of horrible things happening, so here’s Machine Gun Kelly smoking a joint and covering System of a Down’s Aerials

Before we get cracking on the context and story of this one, we’re going to assume you remember System of a Down. They were kind of a big deal back in the day. Yeah, nah, their self-titled debut made ‘em a big name with metalheads everywhere, and their next one, Toxicity, gave them a measure of mainstream success most metal bands don’t see.

Deadset, that album was farken massive and gave ‘em two massive hits, Chop Suey and Aerials. It’s Aerials that MGK saw fit to butcher on Howard Stern and the resulting internet anger has been nothing short of hilarious.

Of course, we’re not here to gatekeep. Like what you like. Let people enjoy the things you personally don’t. Realise that music doesn’t have to conform to certain genres for you to like it or for it to be enjoyed by fans outside of that genre.

Having said that, you don’t have to look far into the comments on alternative, metal, and hard rock groups to see that most committed genre fans couldn’t give two s**ts what Machine Gun Kelly does.

For his own part, he seems a bit baffled by it, saying he’s always been a rocker. “It blows my mind… Like, we’ve always been in the culture…Like, fuck you. We’ve been here so long, defying boxes and genres and odds.”

Still, he can’t say that System of a Down’s bass player Shavo didn’t let the fans decide. He shared the butchered cover on his Instagram and asked his followers what they thought.

One fan captured the collective sentiment with noting but a clenched teeth emoji.

Final thought: Look, as we said, people are allowed to like what they like. If Machine Gun Kelly wants to pay tribute to a song he digs, who are we to stop him? Of course, we don’t have to listen to it either. If you’ve got the balls to give it a try, let us know what you reckon in the comments section. Also, please enjoy the original. It’s right here.

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