Macca’s Caramilk rumour leaves Aussies f@*#en frothin’

Macca’s Caramilk rumour leaves Aussies f@*#en frothin’

Yeah, let’s face it, regardless of the health implications, we all love a bit of junk food. Deadset, there’s nothing quite as good as just throwing caution to the wind and chowing down on some sugary goodness. When that sugary goodness combines two of our favourite flavours (or concepts, depending on how you look at it) we tend to get excited – and that’s exactly what’s happened after a new McFlurry rumour has hit the Australian interwebs.

Yeah, nah, there’s no doubt that Maccas McFlurries are a popular item. They’re loaded with popular chocolates and Maccas soft-serve ice-cream. That’s always a winning combination.

Credit: @nickvavitiss

Now, step away from that for a second and consider f**ken Caramilk. This s**t has hit Australian choccy fans in a big way. My wife bloody loves it. I’m pretty sure she’s bought blocks for all her friends and has a secret stash somewhere that I’m not allowed to know about.

And that brings us to the McFlurry rumour: Brisbane chef Nick Vavitis, known for his f**ken mintox desserts has taken to Insta and claimed that Maccas is releasing a Caramilk McFlurry. Apparently, she’ll be ready for release on October 13.

Credit: @nickvavitiss

“Oh my sweet sweet God we are getting Caramilk McFlurry,” he said, before following up by saying, “I can confirm it is 1000000 per cent true. They are throwing a private launch event for it.”

Naturally, fans of Caramilk and McFlurries in general are getting big stiffies, they’re getting all moist in the mushy bits, and they’re starting to talk amongst themselves about the rumours.

Credit: Facebook

Various comments in the Caramilk-dedicated Facebook page Caramilk Addicts reveal the extent of the enthusiasm.

One commenter reckons, “If this is bulls**t, imma gunna get real cranky!!”

Another claimed, “We truly live in a remarkable moment in time.”

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we do live in a pretty remarkable time. Anyway, let us know what you reckon. Is this gonna rock your knockers off or is it all a bit meh. Hit up the Facebook comments and share your thoughts!

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