Jonah Hill’s brilliant response to Instagram troll

Jonah Hill’s brilliant response to Instagram troll

There’s always heaps of stories gettin’ around about celebs involved in scandals, divorce and bloody sex tapes etc.. Most of the time I reckon it must be bloody hard being in the public eye and having your crap blasted all over the internet. The fact is though, kids and teens look up to celebs and sports stars as role models, and Jonah Hill is leading be example by being gentleman as f**k to an Instagram troll. 

This is the post in question. Seems simple enough, Jonah posts a pic of a movie poster made by a fan in appreciation for his recent work writing and directing a film called “Mid 90’s” movie.

Credit: Instagram @jonahhill

The post must have caught Insta User @afools_watch on a s**t day because he posted a bloody rude response that was a bit uncalled for if I’m being honest.

@afools_watch posted:

You are such a f**king poser pompus [sic] douchebag. You were a fat nerd when you were a kid and the fact that you think you were a skater isn’t being true to yourself. Embrace that you were a dork and be real.

To which the classy Mr. Hill replied:

I was both. That is being true to myself. This is just a poster I appreciated from someone who enjoyed our film. I can tell you’re in a lot of pain. That must feel shitty. Hit me up if you need someone to talk to. Anger is just sadness held in too long. I’m here for you dude.

But Jonah’s kindness didn’t stop there… It’s seems obvious to me that Jonah went off for bit to ponder if he’d done enough to help this bloke, he’s probably thinkin’ to himself “I’m f**ken Jonah Hill, there’s gotta be away to rid the world of these hate spewin’ keyboard warriors!”

The Evolution of Jonah Hill – Credit:

And with that, Jonah put on his superhero of humanity cape and posted this followup:

Credit: Instagram @jonahhill

His post read:

I see a lot of anger on here. At first it sucks to read and then I realize it’s just the pain of that person repackaged and redirected. I want to keep my word to offer to talk to people in pain and will donate as much of my free time to this as possible. But I’m realizing there are more than I can personally handle. Maybe there’s a way to structure this so there’s a number you can call and just talk to people with that anger and pain instead of doing something negative with it. I’m down to give as much of my free time as possible to this endeavor but maybe some of you can help me start something for real. If anyone has any experience with this kind of thing maybe we can start a service and all volunteer ? I don’t know. This is just a thought and I’d love to explore a way to do it with any of you out there. Let me know. Thanks.

Credit: Instagram @jonahhill

Full Instagram thread:

Final Thought: Jonah is a deadset legend, conducting himself the way all our Mum’s hope we would too. It’s easy to to lose ya bloody mind when someone has a go at ya for no apparent reason, especially if it’s a f**ken stranger! The next time some knob has a crack and it get’s ya hot under the collar, don’t be sucked in mates! The high road is the harder one to travel, but there’s nothing to be gained from feeding the bloody trolls.

And oi, don’t forget to check on ya mates from time to time, sharing a beer and laugh is a beaut way to keep the f**ken rage monsters away.

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