The internet has delivered with these bloody gold Will Smith slap memes

The internet has delivered with these bloody gold Will Smith slap memes

Yeah, look, we’re not under the illusion you don’t know about Will Smith’s game-changing attack on Chris Rock during the Oscars, but we’ve gotta cover it here – and don’t worry, we’re not going into all that ‘was it real or was it fake’ bulls**t. Yeah, nah, what matters now is the memes. After all, in a world that can sometimes be as dark as the one we’ve got, we all need a bit of humour, and as you can imagine, the memes have f**ken exploded.

Rightio, just for a quick recap, Chris Rock made a joke about GI Jane at Jada Pinkett-Smith’s expense, Will Smith thought it was funny, then he decided it wasn’t, and then he bitchslapped his old friend.

In the immediate aftermath, things were said, celebs were shocked, and Rock handled it all like a champ. You can watch all that below.

Later, as you are no doubt aware, the internet memelords set to work. Yep, these bloody legends were all over it. While the rest of the world wanted to analyse the moment, wanted to decipher the staging and figure out whether it was real or fake, and wanted to justify why Smith was right or wrong to throw hands, the memelords just went about their business.

Thankfully, Will Smith is something of a known quantity in today’s world, and there are images of him everywhere. There’s also s**tloads of context to exploit, and the memes are already mining it.

Of course, there’s no doubt this s**t will keep coming for days and days, but for now, these are some of our favourites. Have a squiz!

Final thought: Look, we’re not gonna ask you whether might makes right. We’re not gonna ask you whether it’s real or fake. Yeah, nah, we’re just gonna ask you to share your favourite memes in the comments section. You know what to do!

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