Hero truck driver who stopped robbery leaves TV presenters in stitches during his interview

Hero truck driver who stopped robbery leaves TV presenters in stitches during his interview

We all know that heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but for some reason, bloody everyone loves it when a regular bloke steps up and saves the f**ken day with some proper heroic actions. We dunno about you, but we reckon that probably has something to do with a love of community and the fact that it proves most people really are goodhearted legends. With that in mind, let’s meet Turawaho Hemopo. This bloke’s a bloody crack-up – and he’s a good fella too!

You may not have caught this in the news or on television over the last couple of days, so we’ll recap it for you. Bloody Turawaho was just going about his business, driving his truck and making his deliveries when he was flagged down by an innocent bystander and alerted to the fact that a robbery was taking place in the immediate vicinity.

Credit: Today Show

“I seen like a lady in the medical centre. She was waving, so I was like ‘hello’…and she was like ‘there’s two guys next door in the pharmacy, robbing it,’ and I was like ‘right now?’ So I just walked over and stood in front of the door and I was like, ‘Mate, what are yous up to?’”

And already you can see that bloody Turawaho is bursting with a sense of civic duty. When you see the footage, you’ll see that although one of the young fellas behind the robbery makes a clean getaway, the truck driver catches the other one and holds him down until the cops arrive.

Credit: Today Show

As he told the laughing presenters on the Today Show, this is the moment his natural Dad instincts kicked in:

“At first I asked him how old he was and he told me fifteen, so I was like, ‘Mate, I got a fifteen-year-old son. Why you hanging out with these dropkicks? They’re no good for you. Like you got your whole life ahead of you. You’re fifteen years old. Come on, mate.’”

It didn’t end there, though. The little bugger even offered Turawaho a two-hundred dollar bribe to let him go!

“I pointed at my work truck. I was like, ‘Bro, I got a job. I don’t need your money.’”

Credit: Today Show

We won’t spoil the whole interview for you, but make sure you have a watch, even if the Today Show’s not your regular cup of tea. Turawaho’s clearly a legend and his delivery is f**ken brilliant. Seriously, what a champ.

Final thought: As we said earlier in the piece, everyone loves a local hero. Deadset, it’s a f**ken top way to be – and you don’t have to be putting yourself in danger either. Yeah, nah, just being a civic-minded legend and helping out those who need it is a tops thing to do. Here’s to Turawaho. Mate, this top bloke award is all yours!

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