Girl Gets Naked And Mocks Buff Bloke’s Manhood On Australian Radio Show

Girl Gets Naked And Mocks Buff Bloke’s Manhood On Australian Radio Show

So apparently there’s a dating show hosted by Australian radio duet Kyle & Jackie O where two people see each other naked then decide whether they should date. Meet today’s two candidates, Bonnie and Simon.

Bonnie is a podium dancer and Simon is a newly single beach boy, so straight off the bat they sound highly compatible.


Simon has been single for a week so he is ready to get back out there. He goes on to say that if his ex finds out he is on the show so soon after their relationship bust up “she’d probably rip my dick off”.

He also said he got laid the night prior to appearing on the show (dangerous strategy).

Before Bonnie disrobes Simon, she is wondering why he hasn’t put the wig on. Apparently she doesn’t like men with short hair. She is actually willing to get her t*ts out if he puts on the wig. She must really hate short hair. PUT THE WIG ON SIMON.


“F*ck it, I’ll do it” says Simon. What a champ.

She disrobes him and turns out he is built like a f*cking machine. Bonnie is impressed with his body and also impressed with the fact that he is hairless. Make up your f*cking mind will ya?

Now It’s time for Bonnie’s turn to take her robe off and Simon (and everyone else) is equally impressed. In fact, Simon spews out the compliments “Oh s*it, not bad, oh beauty, turn around, oh, not bad, she squats”


Things seem to be going well for the two so far. Now, its Simon’s turn to take the rest of his kit off. Bonnie says she is going to be truthful: “He must be a grower not a show-er” Ouch. Mate, it’s probably a bit cold in the studio. Still, no need for that.

Now it’s time for some pay back from Simon. After Bonnie’s removes her top, Simon quickly says “I’ve seen bigger” Just a bit of ‘tit for tat’ ay Simon.

Bonnie then gets asked the million dollar question, and it’s a no from her. Simon says his woman from last night was better anyway. This has gone pear shaped quickly and is now just insult after insult. Now Bonnie says he isn’t tall enough.


It gets to the point where Bonnie says at one point “don’t be mean, I wasn’t mean to you…” despite the earlier heartbreaking comment about his package.

Anyway, enough with the play by play breakdown, watch the nudity and insults for yourself here:

H/T: Shock Mansion