Gender neutral bird stuns bird experts!


Gender neutral bird stuns bird experts!

Look, we don’t want to make this all political, and we know that the phrase ‘gender neutral’ can often spark an online war of words that makes a comments section a hostile and angry place, but this bird is bound to be the new mascot for those who want to rebuke the ‘it’s not natural’ brigade. Deadset, this bewdiful little cardinal from Texas doesn’t just have a split in male and female colouring, it’s also got both organs.

Rightio, ya big bloody legends, we’ll have a squiz at this critter in a moment, but before we do, we might just recap your memories on cardinal birds. You might know them from Angry Birds, but basically, they’re a species well known for their bloody gorgeous red plumage – if they’re male. The females tend to be a bit more dull in their colouring. Sorta like male and female peacocks, the blokes get the colours so they can get the chicks.

Credit: Inland Bird Banding Association/Facebook

But if you have a look at this little champion, you’ll notice that from one side, it’s a he while it’s a she from the other side. Yeah, deadset, it’s a real-life gender neutral lifeform, and it’s totally occurred in a natural way. Take that, haters!

Credit: Inland Bird Banding Association

In more scientific terms, though, this little bugger has an abnormality – which sounds harsher than it is – called bilateral gynandromorphism. That basically means one half of it is a bloke and the other half’s a sheila. And, yeah, you’d better believe it’s got both sets of sex-organs. This thing’s got ovaries and bird-balls.

Credit: Inland Bird Banding Association

Despite the recent excitement about the bird, which is attributed to recent photos posted by the Inland Bird Banding Association, they’ve known about it since 2014. Apparently, it’s a regular visitor to the place where it was caught.

The IBBA reckons, “This northern cardinal was caught and banded by IBBA members in central Texas in 2014. They continued to see it at feeders through 2016. The bird shows apparent bilateral gynandromorphism, a rare abnormality that causes it to have female plumage on one side of its body and male on the other. Such birds have both an ovary and a testis.”

Credit: Inland Bird Banding Association

Seriously, have a gander at this thing. It’s no wonder the images have been shared 58,000 times.

Final thought: Look, as we mentioned, politics aside, bloody nature strikes again. What a curious little cardinal and what a stunning bird to look at. Deadset, you’ve gotta love s**t like this.

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