YouTuber blocks neighbourhood drain system after emptying bath full of orbeez

YouTuber blocks neighbourhood drain system after emptying bath full of orbeez

Because of the nature of our site and the fact we review the stuff you can find online, we often come face to face with YouTubers who go to great lengths for some of that sweet, sweet internet fame. Sometimes, their risks pay off and they end up with great content that showcases their obvious talents. At other times…well, not so much. With that said, meet the French YouTube Cyril Schreiner. This bloke loaded up his bath with orbeez. The result? Well, let’s just call it a proper balls-up…

With this one you’ve got more than a few twists and turns, so we’ll kinda whiz you through it in here, but you’ll be able to check out the Cyril’s video at the bottom of the page for a more detailed run-through.

You blokes and blokettes reckon that’s fair dinkum?


Credit: Cyril Schreiner/Tik Tok

The basic gist of it is that when old mate – that’s Cyril – needed to create some of that quality content everyone loves, he settled on putting enough orbeez to capsize a koala’s canoe into his bathtub.

While that seems fair enough, the problem is just what you do with them afterwards. If your name’s Cyril, and you wanna get back to eating frog’s legs, you just pull the f**ken plug. And that’s where the fun begins. The bloody things start backing their way up out of the dunny after somehow travelling through the plumbing. When Cyril flushes them, s**t just escalates.

Credit: Cyril Schreiner/Tik Tok

As we said, it’s a f**ken s**tfight, but that’s not the end of it. From there, the bloody things have travelled through the neighbourhood, apparently blocking drainage systems and pipes up and down the street.

Now, we don’t know whether or not this true, but so far as the story goes, Cyril now reckons the bloody cops and the council are trying to find out who’s polluted the local sewerage systems. Of course, many people are pointing out that in his native France, Cyril’s well-known as a bit of a prankster so this may or may not be legit.

Credit: Cyril Schreiner/Tik Tok

For what it’s worth, he reckons that, “Really I can not get insulted on all tweets, every second, every post that I make brief whether you believe it or not I do not care, I share my story, I hope to get out to the maximum and I share this with you, as I have been doing for 3 years.”

As we said, there’s a fair bit to it, but it’s worth checking out the video to get the full info.

Credit: Cyril Schreiner/Tik Tok

Final thoughts: So, look, we’re gonna let you make your own mind up on this one. Is it real? Is it bulls**t? Does it matter if the content’s amusing? Let us know what you reckon in the Facebook comments and we’ll go from there. Cheers, ya legends.

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Video Link: Cyril Schreiner