Footage captures moment bystanders rush to stop carnival ride tipping over

Credit: Twitter/@Phil_Lewis

Footage captures moment bystanders rush to stop carnival ride tipping over

Every now and then we come across a video that’s just got to be seen to be believed. This is one of them. A Michigan fair-ride malfunctioned and started to topple until bystanders used their combined strength to save the bloody day! No s**t, if someone told us this happened, we’d tell ‘em to bugger off with their bulls**t. Deadset, it just sounds like a crock of the brown stuff. Still, there’s video footage – and there’s more than one angle.

The incident happened at Michigan’s National Cherry Festival in Grand Traverse County. We won’t waffle about it too much as there are some good quotes and footage, but basically, people were on the ride when things started to go tits up.

One of them, Trevor Drew, a digital content producer for UpNorthLive was on the f**ken ride when it went off like a cock in a sock. He reckons it was hard to know for sure, but, “The ride goes, and I guess it’s kind of hard to tell once you’re in the air. I could tell it was a lot more violent and seemed a little more shaky.”

No s**t. Judging from the footage it was wavering like a drunkard. Still, that same footage shows people acting like f**ken heroes and throwing their weight onto the ride to prevent a tragedy.

Joe Ogamaw, another witness, said, “It was to the point where the base of it was like leaning way back and I was like, that looks like it’s about to like fall back into the river right now and I was like, it was just, I cannot believe what I was seeing.”

That’s when spectators jumped the f**k on! “A bunch of people like grabbed onto the rail, and then they were trying to like hold it down and there’s probably like 25 people that are trying to like hold the rail down, and then it started like slowing down!”

Arnold Amusement, the company responsible for the ride reckons the rides are rigorously inspected daily by their employees and yearly by the state. It’s been sent back to the manufacturers for investigation.

Final thought: F**k me sideways, this one’s bloody epic. Can you imagine sitting on that ride while it throws a f**ken wobbly? Yeah, nah, neither can we. Let us know what you’d have done if you were there. Hit up the comments section with your thoughts.

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