Extreme Meteorologist Leaves His Car To Take Hurricane Irma Head On

Extreme Meteorologist Leaves His Car To Take Hurricane Irma Head On

Unless you’ve been living underneath the biggest bloody rock in town, you would have heard that poor old Florida has copped a frigging battering from Hurricane Irma over the last few days. The crazy as f*** hurricane reached speeds of almost three hundred bloody kilometres an hour at its peak and has caused widespread destruction!

Three people were killed, vehicles were strewn across the streets like VB cans across a bogan’s front yard, roofs were ripped from houses, storm surges inundated towns and cities with water and thousands of evacuees made their way to temporary shelters. In short, Florida is f****d right now.

All right, let's do this sh**! (Credit: Twitter)

All right, let’s do this sh**! (Credit: Twitter)

However, video has emerged of one meteorologist, who’s quite clearly mad as a cut snake, doing his bit to record the wind-speed in the eye of the storm. Juston Drake, storm-chaser extraordinaire, recorded wind speeds of 178 kilometres per hour when he left the relative safety of his vehicle with nothing but a windbreaker and a wind meter to protect him from its elemental fury.

Extreme weather journalist, Simon Brewer filmed the whole thing. And it’s worth a watch just so you can see how vicious the winds in a hurricane really are.

He starts here...(credit: Twitter)

He starts here…(Credit: Twitter)

He finishes here...(Credit: Twitter)

He finishes here…(Credit: Twitter)

The video shows him struggling in the wind – and it quite literally pushes him down the street. At one stage, Juston leans into the wind only to topple over like a drunkard on his way home.  Nevertheless, he pushes forward in the name of science and gets the f*** back in his car.

He told NBC that the winds were by far the strongest he’d ever experienced. “It was just so strong and powerful it just made it almost impossible at times to stand up,” he told the news station. And in fairness to him, the wind does blow his face mask clean off.

He realises he shouldn't have that last whiskey right about here... (Credit: Twitter)

He realises he shouldn’t have that last whiskey right about here… (Credit: Twitter)

On a side-note, if he really wants to test some dangerous winds, he should visit my dad after a vindaloo. Then we’d see if he could stay on his feet.

My money says he wouldn’t.

H/T: Reddit.