Doctors replace bloke’s lopped-off thumb with his toe!

Doctors replace bloke’s lopped-off thumb with his toe!

We all know that opposable thumbs are what separate us from the monkeys. Deadset, if you lose a thumb, you’re bloody buggered. Fortunately, doctors have a pretty handy solution for this problem. As Aiden Adkins from Michigan found out, they just whip off one of your toes and whack it on your hand.

So, to give you a bit of context for this one, Adkins is a pretty stand-up guy who was working on a nice bit of wood for his missus when he gave himself a pretty f**ken hectic boo-boo. Yeah, nah, he was carving her a gift in the garage when he noticed a nice, chunky wood-chip go flying across the room. He thought nothing of it until he saw the blood pissing from his hand and realised he’d severed his thumb.

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At the time, doctors were like, “Yeah, mate, if you can get the thumb to us within four hours, we’ll fix you right up and you’ll be back to slapping the bass in no time.” Unfortunately, the dude still can’t find it. Deadset, it has straight-up disappeared from the face of the earth.

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The doctors were like, “Mate, in that case, we’re gonna have to stitch you up, but we can chuck your toe on there if you want.” Being a sensible bloke, Adkins needed some time to think about it.

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Of course, after deliberating on his life with one-thumb and realising how s**t it actually is, he decided to take the doctors up on their offer. From there, the doctors told him that the practice is actually older than your grandpa – having first been performed in 1897.

Since the surgery, doctors are praising Adkins resilience as his toe-thumb is supposed to be a pretty f**ken good one. His occupational therapist, Kelly Nye, reckons, “His thumb does bend and straighten pretty well. That’s the most motion I’ve ever seen out of a toe-to-thumb transfer.”

Credit: WKRN

As for Adkins, he’s bloody stoked. “I can finally give a thumbs up again,” he reckons.

Final thought: If you’ve ever lost something and then gone home to find it after buying an expensive replacement, you know what’s gonna happen next. Bloody Aiden’s gonna go home and find his thumb in his toolbox. On a more serious note, though, you’ve gotta wonder when you’d stop looking. We reckon never. After all, it’s bad enough when you misplace your wallet. Don’t ya reckon?

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