These are some of the worst bloody ‘Facebook Marketplace’ negotiations

Credit: @leahlethal

These are some of the worst bloody ‘Facebook Marketplace’ negotiations

By this stage of its existence, pretty much everyone knows that Facebook Marketplace is the lowest common denominator of online marketplaces. Obviously, it has a function as a place where you can get rid of unwanted things, but by the same token, it’s also become a place where cheapskates take the piss with lowball offers that just waste everyone’s time. On top of that, it’s also become a place where sleazeballs are given access to others’ personal accounts. Have a look at some of these interactions to see what we mean.

Rightio, this one started off when a bloke on Twitter, @noorisonline, shared a few tweets showcasing just why he hates Facebook Marketplace.

From there, other people responded. On top of the lowball offers, it really shows the problem with letting people who are rubbish at social interaction practice communicating with others in the public sphere.

Credit: @leahlethal

Credit: @Givontea1

And then, things get worse. As you can imagine, this is the internet and f**ken bogans are allowed to use it. Have a squiz at some of the dodgy s**t getting sent through.

Credit: @jessiicalauren_

Credit: @jamielliottg

When that happens, it seems a pretty f**ken common ploy is to offer the vendor extra cash. And, on a lot of occasions, they seem to be offering that in exchange for panties.

Credit: @ghostkae

Credit: @ghostkae

Yeah, nah, we’re not joking. And you know what, we’re not here to kinkshame, but if you’re into that, go through the right channels. There are people who are happy to offer you a fair price for their skiddies.

Credit: @CiMariee

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Credit: @PrinceTraeton

But sending Grandma a request for a used diaper is just a big no-no, ya bloody grubs.

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Credit: @kristenpday33

Final thought: Yeah, let’s keep it real simple. Pretty much everyone has a story from Facebook Marketplace. Let us know yours.

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