Call Of Duty Player Tracks Down Opponent To Beat The Shit Out Of Him

Call Of Duty Player Tracks Down Opponent To Beat The Shit Out Of Him

For the most part people are naturally competitive. We see it in sports all too often and these days video games are shooting up in popularity as well, creating the whole eSports scene.


You can probably recall the last time you played a game when you weren’t doing so hot; maybe the enemy team was just better or maybe it was a single player talking trash.

Whatever the reason, it’s more than slightly infuriating.

In order to deal with sh*t tier or toxic players people have various coping mechanisms. Some choose to get off the game and play something different while others attempt to channel that anger, but there are a few who are more than willing to take it one step further.

You remember the last Internet argument you had where you wanted to punch the other person?


Well, after what had to be one of the most painful Call of Duty game in history where one troll openly gave out his exact location, one player actually got off the game to go and find him! The pissed off dude can be seen walking into the gaming lounge and going straight for a (much) larger guy still sitting in his chair, aka “Troll”.

Now, Troll was minding his own business at the time when out of nowhere he gets clocked in the side of the face by our aggressor. We’ll call him PissyPants.


PissyPants had every intention of marching in and becoming the triumphant victor in life he didn’t get in the video game moments before, but that’s not how it played out. Due in part to the size difference between the two, Troll wound up beating the living hell out of that kid! Maybe next time the dude won’t take video games so seriously; there’s a difference between being competitive and being an a**hole.

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