Brothers take road trip around Britain to visit every place with a rude name

Brothers take road trip around Britain to visit every place with a rude name

Combining a few s**ts and giggles with a road trip sounds like a bloody good plan to me. A couple of mates, crankin’ some tunes with the windows down and getting outta dodge for a couple of days is right up my alley… If there’s a purpose to the getaway? Even better. 

Brothers Andy and Magnus Tait from Aberdeen know what it means to live life with purpose and conviction.

After visiting a place called “South Gash” by chance, these blokes devised a plan for a road trip across Britain to document places named with sexual innuendo.

Credit: Andy Tait

Nah yeah, they were convinced it would make for epic social media likes and quality yarns they could re-hash at their local. Andy said:

“I always enjoy going out of my way to have fun and to take things too far.”


“It was a lot of fun and we actually saw a lot of interesting places.”

Credit: Andy and Magnus Tait

It was a bit of a slog towards the end and it was dark when we got to some places. But never at any point did we get bored.”

How could ya get bored!? Seeing the countryside and documenting how f**cked up the town planners must have been in the day? It sounds like a good day out I reckon.

I know you’s are all here for the dirty town names, and I like to give the people what they want.

The brothers checked out Cumwhinton, Fanny Street, Upperthong, Butthole Lane, Willey, Titty Ho, and Sandyballs.


They checked out Bellenden Gardens, Poundbottom, Cockermouth, Penistone, Butthole Bell End, The Knob, Lower Swell, Old Sodbury, Butcombe and Shaftesbury.

Other locations of note include Shitterton, Lickfold, Fingringhoe, Slutshole Lane, Feltwell, Fanny Hands Lane, Scunthorpe, Rimswell and Wetwang.

Credit: Andy and Magnus Tait

These two blokes had there s**t together and weren’t wasting any precious time away from their Dungeons and Dragons campaign. They had their route sorted with just 60-90 minutes between each destination.

Now us Ozzy’s have got a bit of a competitive streak when it comes to the Poms, so I started doing me own research on places in Oz that would give me a bit of a chuckle.


There were a few to choose from, but checking out this lot would involve a trip across the Nulaboor and take a hell of a lot longer than the four days it took these blokes to cover Britain.

Chinaman’s Knob 

Cock Wash

Delicate Nobby

Nar Nar Goon

Mount Buggery

Rooty Hill

Woodie Woodie

Yorkeys Knob


Credit: Andy and Magnus Tait

Final Thought:

Who the bloody hell comes up with these names? Surely all the town planners and Mayors were smokin’ the Tittybong down in Victoria when that came up with some of these?

What’s the name of a joint that’s given you a lil giggle? Load up the comments so we can all smash Google Earth in our spare time.

H/T: Telegraph UK